J. E. Hunt has a degree in Eng­lish from The Uni­ver­sity of Georgia, where he con­cen­trated on Arthurian legend and Medieval lit­er­a­ture.

Nat­u­rally, after grad­u­a­tion he moved to Min­nesota and took up a career in banking, plot­ting novels on blank teller receipts between loan appli­ca­tions, and reading Les Mis­érables rav­en­ously over lunches.

This somehow lead to a stock broker’s license and a career man­aging projects for an online bro­kerage-a move that meant end­less paper­work, all with white space per­fect for scrib­bling char­acter sketches and story notes.

How­ever, these narrow mar­gins even­tu­ally proved too small, and he left the cor­po­rate world to spend two years unem­ployed, writing his first two novels: The Whis­pering Walls, and its sequel, The Sea of the Missing.